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6. Will grout be cleaner after polishing of the marble?
Before final polishing of marble we clean all grout with special chemicals and brushes and grout returns to it's original color.

7. What is the "sealing" of the marble?
Sealers in the stone industry are called impregnators, because they impregnate the interior of the stone with silicones and reject water and oil, but they do not prevent scratches or etching from acid spills on marble.

8. How often should marble be sealed?
The best result will be achieved if sealer applications are done annually.

9. We have brand new limestone or travertine floor, but since it was installed it looks blotchy, and we can't clean that. Is that possible to fix it?
Yes, call us because only we have our new way of improving your blotchy limestone floor to give it unique uniform appearance.

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