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Use of natural stone in interior is an investment that will give you many years of gorgeous design. Natural stone is widely used for both residential and commercial designs. Luxurious beauty of granite and marble is charming.

SSimple care will keep your stone floor, bathroom, kitchen or any other stone surface beautiful for a long period of time. Stone surface is porous and therefore sensitive towards stains, acids, hard wear and even direct sunbeams. Cleaning marble floors requires gentle and careful approach. Apart from gentle daily care marble floor needs preventive stone floor restoration methods. Marble restoration includes marble polishing, diamond grinding, sealing and ground cleaning. Stone repair will also protect your marble floor or any other stone tiles from all the hazards.

Avenue Marble Restoration Inc. specializes in all types of stone restoration services, providing you with high quality tile repair, stone sealing, grout cleaning, marble restoration, marble floor restoration, marble cleaning, diamond grinding, diamond polishing and other types of marble care.

Our stone care services are performed by trained, efficient and experienced workers. Our professionals will quickly perform marble polishing, reparation of marble floor tiles, cleaning marble floors and all possible variants of stone repair.

Our company provides the highest quality services in a way we would like to be served. If you have some questions about our restoration services, please feel free to contact us.

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